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Botanical Expedition to Royal Kew

Dear reader,

Did you know that Royal Kew holds the oldest and biggest potted plant in the world?

Recently I had the privilege of attending a talk at The Royal Kew Gardens. Whilst I was there, I could not resist the opportunity to go and explore the detailed gardens, arboretum of 14,000 specimens and glorious greenhouses.

If you have not been to The Royal Kew Gardens, I strongly urge you to make a trip, however, you must be cautious of the weather as the majority of the attraction is in the open air. There are two times of the year that I believe are best for visiting Kew; spring and late summer. In the spring the flowers are in full bud and burst, filling both the greenhouses and gardens with vivid blankets of colour and unusual fixating aromas. Late summer the weather is more predictable, and the abundance of fruits and seeds really start to show. You are able to sit back and enjoy the wildlife as it surrounds you. Kew employs

800 staff to care for the world’s largest and most diverse plant collection. Since it was founded in 1840 Kew's botanists and eco-enthusiasts have been observing and caring for some 30,000 species of plant with such reverence all of them poised to interact and share their knowledge with you.

There are thousands of amazing picnic spots to be explored and many different styles of garden to view. From Japanese to Mediterranean rockeries, working kitchen walled garden built on HRH Prince of Wales' teachings of sustainability, tropical greenhouses and hot dry sandy destinations. I particularly enjoyed getting lost in a sea of bamboo plants (1,200 species) whilst visiting the Minka house (meaning 'house of the people'), the perfect excuse to stop and have a cup of tea.

Today I am being wardrobe conscious, incorporating biodegradable items of wear that benefit the environment. Only the plastic lace tips of my shoes and the frames of my glasses are non-biodegradable. My shirt and trousers are cotton and over shirt is a wool and cotton blend.

-------------------------------------------------- I am wearing:

Vintage Safari Over-Shirt (similar can be found at Budd or Edward Sexton)

T.M Lewin White Linen Shirt

Ralph Lauren Woven Leather Belt

Moss Bros. Stone Trousers

Hugo Boss Egyptian Cotton Socks

Loakes British Leather Tan Brogues


In agreement with HRH Price of Wales, we must all become ambassadors of the environment. Make wise choices that benefit our ecosystem preserving those important specimens that we rely on and have learnt so much about. Yes, the attraction is very forthcoming on environmental protection and of course so they should be - the work done by Kew’s founders and scientists is not just about a love for plants it is about loving the world we live in.

Help support their work by visiting The Royal Kew Gardens.


- M. Harrington

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