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A Gentleman's Perfect Gin Serve

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Dear reader,

In recent times gin has become a popular tipple. As homage to the popular British drink I have for you my perfect gin serve. Otherwise known as ‘Genever’, a name derived from the use of a Mediterranean Juniper berry, gin for me is the perfect summer afternoon sipper or as a leading constituent of a pre-dinner cocktail aperitif. Like many, I have a growing collection of gin brands on the shelves of my home-bar. My standard favourites include; Sipsmiths, Bombay, Portobello, William Chase & Hendrick’s, all of which must have a good match of tonic an optional dash of bitters and the appropriate garnish.

Here is my 'go to' perfect Aromatic Gin Serve: - 35ml (or 50ml, if you are feeling generous) of Sipsmith’s Gin

- 5-6 ice cubes

​​- 250ml of Fever-Tree plain tonic water

- Grapefruit peel

- 3-4 Juniper berries

- Sprig of rosemary

- 3-4 dashes of Angostura Bitters

  1. Place ice cubes in a tall glass, (I like to use a crystal cut tumbler for a decadent vintage look) along with the juniper berries lightly crushed. You can do this by pressing them against the back of a spoon in your hand.

  2. Add the gin, dashes of Angostura and sprig of rosemary.

  3. Top up the glass with Tonic water.

  4. Finally twist the grapefruit peel above the rim of the glass to release the fine mist of fragrant oils before dropping the final garnish into the glass, nestling it perfectly in between the ice cubes and the side of the glass.

Now all that remains is a good book, a spot in the sun and a moment of peace to slowly sip and enjoy your beverage at leisure. - M. Harrington

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