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Pickett of London New Collaboration With W&W Jewellery

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Collaboration and cooperation brings great things..

Last week I was very fortunate to have been invited to join Trevor Pickett for the final-stage design and decision process of the new collaborative jewellery pieces by W&W. Armed with fresh warm Danish pastries and bittersweet coffee, we listened to Trevor talk about his passion for cycling and his tales of cycling mishaps, one of which he experienced on the way to work that very morning. Let me start by informing you when Trevor shares a story no matter how distressing the subject, it is always buttered both sides with humour and smothered with the best kind of sarcasm that leaves your sides stinging.

So who is Trevor Pickett?

Trevor is owner of the successful Picketts business - supplying high quality British handmade leather goods and luxury leather accessories for near on 30 years. London based, Picketts stores are located in Burlington Gardens and Sloane Street. Creative and sporty Trevor has a great passion for history, horse-riding, hunting and cycling. From the age of seven he used to work assisting his father in a family run bicycle shop learning from a young age about manufacture, retail, working with suppliers and customer service. Trevor knew from that point that high quality is very important. All of the Pickett products are made to perfection and each tested in great depth by Trevor himself.

Trevor’s interest in cycling has stayed with him throughout his life, he has always adored the two wheeled mode of transport and this provided a source of inspiration for the new designs incorporating British made goods whilst honouring the industrial revolution. W&W jewellery were set to work on designing a collaborative piece encompassing these ideas.

Richard Warrender and Emma Holloway from W&W lead us through the design process highlighting the different stages of conceptualising each piece and demonstrating the process. They had four focus points to start with; England, the industrial revolution, time and cycling each point highlighting certain visual aspects moving through wheels, gears and cogs to Tudor roses, the Olympic Velodrome and finally bicycle wheel spokes, a very complicated commission which resulted in a beautiful final piece. One key element to the design process is the use of acrostics hidden messages within the jewellery.

Trevor’s interest in the Olympic Velodrome lead to the use of the Olympic HEROS motif. The final selected piece holds shape as a gear/cog in an outline of the Tudor rose surrounded by white diamonds and in the centre of each spoke an acrostic jewel spelling out the word HERO.

All in all, some carefully thought out ideas beautifully brought to life, the final products will no doubt be prized pieces to own. A true collaboration......all good things take time.

You'll have to head to Trevor Pickett's instagram to see the final product selection.

This bespoke item of jewellery can be completely customised to change the gemstones, the material and the way it is worn, such as a matching set of cufflinks for him and a necklace for her. This concept of gender neutral and personable fluidity of a product is becoming very popular and makes for a fantastic gift. W&W are renowned for being able to take your ideas and generate bespoke treasures of great depth. Emma a jewellery designer at W&W demonstrated her creative flair and pinpoint detailed eye with her portfolios of both hand drawn artwork and computerised CAD digital designs.

From the left: Richard Warrender, Emma Holloway, David Evans (GreyFoxBlog), Trevor Pickett, Christoph Harrington

It was a very interesting morning, learning a great deal about the design process of bespoke jewellery and seeing Trevor’s thought process unfold like a pop-up story book. I will be sure to return and have my very own jewellery designed in the near future.

- M.Harrington

'My work is my pleasure and my pleasure is my life'

- Trevor Pickett -

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